Support Bar

For the metal cladding of walls and roofs, whether new or refurbished, Support Bar provides the complete energy efficient solution, surpassing the latest ‘Part L’ building regulations. Quick and easy to install; tough, durable and strong, Support Bar is the first choice for supporting twin skin constructions.

Product Performance Information

High strength rail and bracket spacer system for creating insulation voids in twin skin constructions; replaces zeds and ferrules.

Bar sizes 1m, 2m, and 3m; bracket sizes from 60mm to 250mm.
Bar weighs 1 kilo / lin metre.

  • Extra stiff, easy to fit bracket with twist lock design
  • Bracket location guide printed every metre along bar
  • Bars batch marked for QA identification
  • Spigot / socket lock for extra strength in vertical applications
  • Site fixing instructions supplied with each order


Warrington Fire Research 4 hour firewall certificate and assessment of profiles.

CERAM [independent test house] load test reports on the separate components and the system ‘as built’.

See Support Bar test data sheet for results.

  • Support Bar supports a maximum load of 10.80 kN/m_ positive [snow] load before collapse.
  • Support Bar resists a maximum load of 6.50 kN/m_ negative [wind suction] load before top sheet fixings detach from the bar.

Note: the above values do not include a safety margin. Designers should contact our technical department for further information.

Sway Bracing

Support Bar does not need separate anti-sway braces when correctly installed. Care should be taken to avoid excessive point loads during loading out operations. We suggest a timber support packer be placed under the bar to limit deflection if point loads are unavoidable.

Vertical Applications

Support Bar may be used upright where cladding is to be fixed horizontally, however the bar must be supported at the base to transmit loads to the substructure. Support Bar brackets are an interference fit only and are not designed to resist the cladding weight when the bar is vertical. For more information, contact our technical department.

Thermal Performance

Using common shallow profile liners, purlins set at 2.0m centres and 0.40W/mK insulation quilt, Support Bar will provide a U value of:

  • 0.25 using 170mm thick insulation
  • 0.30 using 140mm thick insulation
  • 0.35 using 120mm thick insulation

These values are typical; calculation should be used to demonstrate compliance. For Firewall applications Support Bar will meet ADL2 and comply with the Warrington test certificate – contact us for details of the wall design.